Singin' in the Rain (1952) Poster

Millard Mitchell: R.F. Simpson



  • Cosmo Brown : Talking pictures, that means I'm out of a job. At last I can start suffering and write that symphony.

    R.F. Simpson : You're not out of job, we're putting you in as head of our new music department.

    Cosmo Brown : Oh, thanks, R.F.! At last I can stop suffering and write that symphony.

  • R.F. Simpson : Don, it'll be a sensation! "Lamont and Lockwood: they talk!"

    Lina : [with a voice to peel paint]  Well of *course* we talk. Don't everybody?

  • Lina Lamont : [after demanding Kathy Selden continue as her voice double and not be given bigger parts]  After all, I'm still more important to the studio than she is.

    R.F. Simpson : Lina, I wouldn't do that to her in a million years. Why, you'd be taking her career away from her. People just don't do things like that.

    Lina Lamont : People? I ain't "people"! I am a...

    [reads from newspaper] 

    Lina Lamont : "a shimmering, glowing star in the cinema firmament." It says so...

    [hands newspaper to R.F] 

    Lina Lamont : right there.

  • R.F. Simpson : Lina, you were gorgeous!

    Cosmo Brown : Yeah, Lina, you looked pretty good for a girl.

  • [after Cosmo gives a good idea] 

    R.F. Simpson : Cosmo, remind me to give you a raise.

    [turns around] 

    Cosmo Brown : Oh, R.F.

    R.F. Simpson : Yes?

    Cosmo Brown : Give me a raise.

  • [after the demonstration of a talking picture] 

    R.F. Simpson : What do you think of it, Dexter?

    Rosco : It'll never amount to a thing.

    Olga : [with heavy, snotty accent]  Its vulgar!

    Cosmo Brown : That's what they said about the horseless carriage.

  • Rosco : [after a take]  We're really rolling, Mr. Simpson.

    R.F. Simpson : Well, you can stop rolling at once.

    Rosco : What?

    R.F. Simpson : Don, Lina.

    Rosco : Ok, everybody save it!

    R.F. Simpson : Save it? Tell them to go home. We're shutting down for a few weeks.

    Rosco : What?

    R.F. Simpson : Well, don't just stand there. Tell them!

    Rosco : Everybody go until further notice! What is it?

  • Rosco : [after seeing the film screw-up]  The sound, its out of synchronization!

    R.F. Simpson : [irritated]  Well tell them to fix it!

    Rosco : [while getting up]  Yes sir, fix it!

  • Don Lockwood : Now listen, R.F., the owner of the Coconut Grove may do what Lina tells him to, but you're the head of this studio.

    R.F. Simpson : That's right, I'm the head of this studio. She's hired! But don't let Lina know she's on the lot.

  • R.F. Simpson : Lina, did you send this stuff out?

    Lina Lamont : I gave an exclusive story to every paper in town.

  • R.F. Simpson : I can't quite visualise it, I'd have to see it on film.

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