The Apartment (1960) Poster


Fred MacMurray: Jeff D. Sheldrake



  • C.C. Baxter : Sorry, Mr. Sheldrake.

    J.D. Sheldrake : What do you mean, sorry?

    C.C. Baxter : You're not going to bring anybody to my apartment.

    J.D. Sheldrake : I'm not just bringing anybody; I'm bringing Miss Kubelik.

    C.C. Baxter : Especially not Miss Kubelik.

    J.D. Sheldrake : How's that again?

    C.C. Baxter : [firmly]  No key.

    J.D. Sheldrake : Baxter, I picked you for my team because I thought you were a very bright young man. Do you realize what you're doing? Not to me, but to yourself? Normally, it takes years to work your way up to the twenty-seventh floor. But it only takes thirty seconds to be out on the street again. You dig?

    C.C. Baxter : I dig.

    J.D. Sheldrake : So what's it going to be?

    [Baxter slowly reaches into his pocket for a key and drops it on Sheldrake's desk] 

    J.D. Sheldrake : Now you're being bright.

    C.C. Baxter : Thank you, sir.

    [Baxter goes back into his office, looks around, then reaches into his closet for his coat and hat. Sheldrake comes in moments later] 

    J.D. Sheldrake : Say, Baxter, you gave me the wrong key.

    C.C. Baxter : No, I didn't.

    J.D. Sheldrake : But this is the key to the executive washroom.

    C.C. Baxter : That's right, Mr. Sheldrake. I won't be needing it because I'm all washed up around here.

    J.D. Sheldrake : What's gotten into you, Baxter?

    C.C. Baxter : Just following doctor's orders. I've decided to become a "mensch". You know what that means? A human being.

    J.D. Sheldrake : Now, hold on, Baxter...

    C.C. Baxter : Save it. The old payola won't work anymore. Goodbye, Mr. Sheldrake.

  • J.D. Sheldrake : Ya know, you see a girl a couple of times a week, just for laughs, and right away they think you're gonna divorce your wife. Now I ask you, is that fair?

    C.C. Baxter : No, sir, it's very unfair... Especially to your wife.

  • J.D. Sheldrake : Oh, I have a present for you. I didn't quite know what to get you. Besides, it's kind of awkward for me shopping, so here's a hundred dollars. You go and buy yourself something.

  • Sheldrake's Wife : What is it, Jeff? Who's on the phone?

    J.D. Sheldrake : One of our employees had an accident. I don't know why they bother me with these things on Christmas day.

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