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John Ratzenberger: Hamm



  • Spanish Buzz : [immediately after being reset into Spanish, Buzz speaks into his wrist communicator]  Bitácora Espacial - Me he despertado de hiper-sueño en un planeta extraño.

    [Star Log - I have awaken from hypersleep on a strange planet] 

    Hamm the Piggy Bank : [to Rex]  Now what did you do?

    Rex the Green Dinosaur : I just did what you told me!

    Spanish Buzz : Estoy rodeado por criaturas extrañas y desconozco sus intenciónes. ¿¡Quién anda ahí? ¿Amigo? O enemigo?

    [I am surrounded by creatures of unknown intent. Who goes there? Friend? Or Enemy?] 

    Spanish Buzz : [aims his laser at Woody] 

    Woody : Uh... Amigos! We're all amigos!

    Spanish Buzz : [turns off laser and is suddenly friendly]  Me debo haber estrellado, y se me borró la memoria.

    [I must have crash landed and had my memory erased] 

    Spanish Buzz : [visor still closed, he kisses Woody quickly on each cheek] 

    Spanish Buzz : ¿Han visto a mi nave espacial?

    [Anybody seen my spaceship?] 

    Woody : [dumbstruck]  We gotta switch him back.

    Slinky Dog : Well how do we do that?

    Hamm the Piggy Bank : [looking at the manual]  I don't know, that part's in Spanish!

    Woody : Oh... we don't have time for this. Come on, El Buzzo!

    [They all start running] 

    Spanish Buzz : Mi nave espacial? Encontraste? Excelente!

    [My spaceship? You know where it is? Excellent!] 

  • [from trailer] 

    Buzz Lightyear : Hold on, this is no time to be hysterical!

    Hamm the Piggy Bank : This is the perfect time to be hysterical.

    Rex the Green Dinosaur : Should we be HYSTERICAL?

    Slinky Dog : No!

    Mr. Potato Head : Yes!

    Buzz Lightyear : Maybe! But not right now!

    Hamm the Piggy Bank : C'mon. Let's go see how much we're going for on eBay.

  • [Woody jumps on to a train of orphaned Troll dolls. He pulls the brake to try and stop the train before reaching the broken bridge, but they still fall into the canyon] 

    Jessie : No!

    [Suddenly, Buzz Lightyear appears, lifting the train and its passengers out of the canyon] 

    Buzz Lightyear : Glad I could catch the train!

    Woody : Now let's catch some criminals!

    Buzz Lightyear : To infinity and beyond!

    [Cut to the Potato Heads and the aliens in their car, counting money and laughing evily] 

    Aliens : [pointing at the sky]  Ooh!

    [Buzz flies above the bandits and slices their car with his laser. After the criminals tumble to the ground, Woody, Buzz, and Jessie enter] 

    Woody : Reach for the sky!

    Mr. Potato Head : You can't touch me, Sheriff. I brought my attack dog with a built-in force field!

    [Mr. Potato Head calls Slinky Dog over with a whistle. Slinky bounces down from the mountains and forms the force field around the Potato Heads and aliens] 

    Woody : Well, I brought my dinosaur who eats force field dogs!

    Jessie : Yodel-ay-hee-hoo!

    [the ground cracks apart, and Rex emerges. He roars at the evildoers, but then notices something] 

    Rex the Green Dinosaur : Huh?

    Buzz Lightyear : [a pig-shaped spaceship suddenly appears. Its driver is Hamm, portraying Dr. Porkchop]  Evil Dr. Porkchop!

    Hamm the Piggy Bank : That's *Mr.* Evil Dr. Porkchop to you.

    [Hamm teleports the Potato Heads, the aliens, and Slinky onto his ship. He also pushes a button reading, "Death by Monkeys," trapping our heroes with a flood of plastic red monkeys. As Mr. Potato Head reaches toward a button activating a destructive ray, the scene suddenly cuts to Andy's bedroom. The whole scene actually took place in Andy's imagination, as he plays with the toys and a cardboard spaceship] 

    Young Andy : [as Woody]  Buzz, shoot your laser at my badge!

    Young Andy : [as Buzz]  Woody, no! It'll kill you!

    Young Andy : [as Woody]  Just do it!

    [Andy shields Buzz's eyes and pushes the laser button. He uses his finger to trace the laser bouncing off Woody's badge, then knocks the spaceship and its evil passengers towards the ground] 

  • Mrs. Potato Head : [Molly tosses Barbie into the "Sunnyside" box without caring]  Poor Barbie!

    Hamm the Piggy Bank : I get the Corvette.

  • Woody : Oh no.

    Hamm the Piggy Bank : Oh yes! Return of the Astro-Nut!

  • Hamm the Piggy Bank : Hey, where's that fur-ball Lotso?

    Slinky Dog : Yeah, I'd like to loosen his stitching.

    Woody : Forget it, guys. He's not worth it.

  • Mr. Potato Head : Remember all that bad stuff I said about Andy's attic? I take it all back.

    Slinky Dog : Ya darn-tootin'

    Hamm the Piggy Bank : You said it!

  • Mr. Potato Head : [after spending the night in the daycare sandbox]  It was cold and dark, nothing but sand and a couple of Lincoln Logs.

    Hamm the Piggy Bank : Eh... I don't think those were Lincoln Logs.

  • Woody : Day care is a sad lonely old place for toys who don't have a home.

    Barbie : ...WAAAAGH!

    Hamm the Piggy Bank : Quite the charmer, ain'tya?

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