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Manolo Solo: Garcés


  • Capitán Vidal : I'll make you a deal. If you can count to three without st-t-uttering you can go. Don't look at him, look at me. Above me there is no one. Garces!

    Garcés : Yes Captain?

    Capitán Vidal : If I say this asshole can leave, would anybody here contradict me?

    Garcés : No one, Captain. He can leave.

    Capitán Vidal : There you have it. Count to three.

    El Tarta : One...

    Capitán Vidal : Good.

    El Tarta : Two...

    Garcés : Good - one more and you're free.

    El Tarta : T-t-t-t-t...

    Capitán Vidal : Shame.

  • Capitán Vidal : Damn this cigarette is good! Real tobacco - hard to find.

    El Tarta : G-g-g-go to hell.

    Capitán Vidal : Damn, Garces. We catch one and he turns out to be a stutterer. We'll be here all night.

    Garcés : As long as he talks.

    Capitán Vidal : Garces is right. You'd do better to tell us everything. But to make sure it happens, I brought along a few tools. Just things you pick up along the way. At first I won't be able to trust you, but after I use this, you'll own up to a few things. When we get to these we'll have developed a... how can I put this? A closer bond, much like brothers. You'll see. And when we get to this one, I'll believe anything you tell me.

  • Garcés : [surrounded by men, Mercedes holds the paring knife against her throat... ]  If anyone is going to kill you, I'd rather it be me.

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