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Totally Recognizable Villany
normando408 January 2019
A terrific Spike Lee film with humor and gut wrenching truths. My first reaction was that the villains were too one dimensional, caricaturesque. It was impossible to stay with them for more than a few seconds - even that outrageous scene of connubial bliss where she expresses her willingness, in the most romantic terms, to kill Blacks. I recoiled in horror and kind of laughing nervously - what is this, a satire? And then, I realized - the real life villanis are one dimensional, they are caricaturesque, they are their own satire. John David Washinton is great and sounds just like his father. Adam Driver brings a presence that is nothing short of compelling, The final real life images are devastating, I highly recommend it.
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Based on real events in 1970s Colorado, a black police officer joins the KKK.
TxMike16 November 2018
My wife and I watched this at home on DVD from our public library. Although it runs a bit long at just over 2 hours it is such an interesting story, well-told, that it never seemed too long.

The whole story is based on the 2014 book by Ron Stallworth, of his experiences in the 1970s in Colorado Springs as a fresh police officer, and the first black man to that position in that city. The character is very well played by John David Washington. In real life Stallworth had been an achiever in high school and wanted to make a difference as a police officer.

On a whim he notices an ad which was recruiting members for a new KKK chapter in the Colorado Springs area. Having a phone voice and speaking manner not easily identified as black he successfully applied for membership, and at one point even speaking directly to David Duke in New Orleans.

Ron would not have gotten very far in his ruse without a white man to replace him in live encounters, for this he recruited the help of fellow police officer, Adam Driver as Flip Zimmerman who happened to be Jewish, another ethnic target of the KKK. Together they thwarted some serious KKK mischief planned.

For a very serious subject the movie director Spike Lee injects a fair share of humor, all very appropriate. Near the end the events of the 1970s are intercut with modern events and protests, showing that white supremacy activities are far from over.
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Incredible true story comes with a lot of fictional baggage
tkmcc-0878020 August 2018
There's much good about this movie, starting with Ron Stallworth's incredible deception of the Klu Klux Klan. Racism in all its ugliness is powerfully shown. There's a lot of humor at the expense of some really dumb people. Unfortunately, there's a lot wrong with the movie too. Most of this is because the director embellished the true story. I'm not a big fan of directors tinkering with what really happened in order to add their own touch, and then still claim "based on a true story". The result of the tinkering is a very uneven movie, particularly in the apparently "easy" parts of infiltrating the KKK and the "hard" parts where things go wrong. The "easy" parts are, remarkably, mostly the true story. Apparently this wasn't dramatic enough, so a lot of fictional "hard" parts were added to build tension including whole characters and situations. That's bad enough, but the added parts often made no sense, such as having no real origin (like one character's intense suspicions) and no resolution to the dilemma presented - they just seem to go away, are forgotten or have no effect on the inevitable story arc. Many seem to have been thrown in only to make already duped people look even more ridiculous. The characters themselves are, with a few exceptions, just caricatures. It's not hard to figure out what's next since they do exactly what you expect. Eventually the movie just got boring since it all moved to an inevitable and very easy to see end. Ultimately, the movie is maybe an hour of an amazing true and humorous story marred by over an hour of superfluous and poorly executed fiction.
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A funny, gripping and upsetting movie!
valfatout28 November 2018
Hi, I'm french and I'm 16. We saw the movie in the cinema with my english class and our english teacher asked to us to write a revue of this movie, and after put in on this website. Blackkklansman is a movie birected by Spike Lee in 2018. This film is based on the true story of Ron Stallworth, a black police officer who wanted to infiltrate the KKK. Inspired by the book, Spike Lee made a film. In the movie we have funny moments and romance too; Ron falls in love with Patrice, a beautiful blanck woman who fights racism. It is certainly at the top od my list of good movies because it is not only about racism, but about several kinds of discrimination, anti-semitism and gender inequality. And so I think that a lot of people can indentify to both characters and realise that discrimination must be fought. And I think that Spike Lee did a good work because hemanaged to make in making a comedy with a dramatic issue, and Adam Driver and John David Washington have a really good actor's game, it couldn't be other actors! So yes I think that this film is compelling, convincing, realistic, startling and funny, don't miss it!! And there is a lot of reseach from the film director about the KKK, who is a secret organisation of white supremacists directed by Donald Duke and created in 1865 after the Civil War, a war between Northen and Southen states of the USA, the North wanted to abolish slavery and the South didn't. In the movie, we can also see the KKK rites, with the white costums and all tradition. I really enjoyed that because you get out less stupid than you were before seeing the film.

In conclusion, it's a fantastic film, with good actors on the top of that, and you learn a lot about discrimination and humanity, but with funny moments as well. It's a hit and a freat piece of film-making. Go see it!!

Good work, Mr Spike Lee.

Valentine B.
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One hell of a movie
EnoVarma31 July 2018
Spike Lee has created an almost unimaginably uneven career in films, but it has never been in doubt, that he is one of the most talented American filmmakers of his generation. And should you have forgotten that, now you can remind yourself by watching the amazing "BlacKkKlansman", which won the Grand Prix at Cannes in May.

"BlacKkKlansman" tells the true story of a rookie African American police officer who in the 70's infiltrated in the KKK, but that's certainly not what the movie is about. Lee tackles head-on the contemporary hot topics of racism, the police killing black Americans, and white supremacy to create an overwhelming pamphlet about the American identity - which has been hurled into a state of great confusion after the last presidential election.

Movies don't come much more political as this one. In a way, "BlacKkKlansman" is a companion piece to "The Post" - a movie that similarly discussed the current political climate in a 70's setting - but with loads more of blackness, humour, anger and attitude. It's a better movie, too.

Though not perfect. Form-wise, "BlacKkKlansman" is sometimes paced oddly and feels needlessly long: not overlong, exactly, because you're not going to be bored for a minute. Visually it could have used a little more of the delicious textures typical of those 70's blacksploitations it makes references to.

But Lee is such a virile storyteller, that you can't help but get sucked in it all. And he has SO much to say. "BlacKkKlansman" is at its savage best when putting in perspective the official holier-than-thou image of the white Americans: Harry Belafonte cameos as an eye-witness of the beastly lynching of Jesse Washington in 1916.

Actors in "BlacKkKlansman" are great. John David Washington excels in the lead role. Adam Driver signs what is arguably his best role to date. Ryan Eggold is terrific as the local boss of the KKK, and the Finnish Jasper Pääkkönen impresses as his right hand man. The biggest surprise of all is Topher Grace, who is near-ingenious as David Duke, a well-mannered bag of sleaze in a three-piece.

"BlacKkKlansman" is an incredibly rich and stirring piece of contemporary cinema with enough stuff to fuel a conversation for hours. Or days. You can get a lot less with a price of a movie ticket these days.
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Terribly dissappointed at film and annoyed at marketing
tallard12 September 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I've generally liked Spike Lee films over the years. I had high expectations or this one, given the awards. Many negative reviews have already covered issues of pacing and writing and editing, which I generally agree with. As a person who's been an anti-racism activist my entire life, I felt this film was heavy handed and propagandist. If a woke person can feel this is heavy handed, imagine how those not on board with the topic can be totally feel propagandised, how futile is it in regards to effectiveness at creating social change? On the point of marketing, speaking points, and the ridiculous opening line about being based on a true story. So many reviews here state their amazement and how impressed they are at a Jewish person and a black person working together like this. This is a lie, there is no Jewish partner in the book, it is completely fictionalised. Furthermore, confounding race issues with religious issues is truly a non starter. But most of the film is fictionalised. The majority of the book is about his undercover work AGAINST black activists, which he spent over three years on. Given the actual facts as laid out in the book, this film really goes down in ratings. The false marketing is the saddest statement about our society. When people are more interested in virtue-signalling than the truth. Had the production values been better, at least it might have been enjoyable as a stand alone, without the pretence of being based on the book, but I kept falling asleep, idiot conversations droned on endlessly and completely took me out of the film. So it's a fail both on production values and TRUTH. The high rating says a lot about how important virtue-signalling has become in our society.
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BlacKkKlansman is somehow funny & utterly brutal at the same time, phenomenal.
BlurayAddictAU8 August 2018
I'd love to thank the Adelaide Film Festival Film Club for the free advance screening for this review.

Blackkklansman comes to us from Director Spike Lee & Producer Jordan Peele and tells the true story of Ron Stallworth, the first african-american police officer in Colorado Springs infiltrating the Klu Klux Klan.

To achieve this he enlists the help of a fellow officer played by Adam Driver to pose as him in person while Ron handled the phone calls and planning.

This film is biographical in nature but has some fantastic storytelling, looking at the trailers, it looked like a really fun time with some funny humour about the time period and racism. I'm glad to report this isn't just some comedy movie, here we have a rare film that manages to be funny and outlandish at times but at the same time drives home a serious emotional message, Spike Lee should absolutely be commended for this because it was executed flawlessly.

John David Washington gives an interesting quirky performance here and nails it perfectly, Adam Driver turned out to be much more involved in the story than I had anticipated and has some really great moments.

I have never had a cinema experience quite like this, for instance at the tail end of the film, in the space of 10 minutes the entire audience in my screening went from laughing and some perfectly executed comedic dialogue to utter still silence in absolute awe, frozen & horrified by what was appearing on screen, this silence went on for a few moment even after the fade to black and an applause started up.

This film had me thinking about what I had seen for a long, long time afterward and I am still thinking about it almost every second.

Blackkklansman really shows the Klan for what they really are, and highlights the good work of an amazing african-american police officer. The supporting cast does a great job here, Topher Grace as David Duke was an insanely good performance and I can imagine how hard it would be to embody that particular character and Laura Harrier plays off of Washington beautifully.

In addition there is a great cameo at the beginning of this film, be on the look out!

Blackkklansman is easily in my top 10 for 2018 so far and I urge you all to go see it in cinemas, small warning though, there are some quite confronting images in this film, they are hard to watch but I think that it should be watched as that is the intention here. Blackkklansman is out in cinemas August 17th.
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stevensonsyd3 September 2018
Though-provoking and beautifully shot. Excellent movie to encourage conversation in this political climate.
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So, so disappointing
burenmaurice18 August 2018
Warning: Spoilers
First off I'll say that seeing Jordan Peele's name on the credits and the trailer set my standards really high. And for the first half or so the film genuinely did seem interesting.

There's no real conflicting values going on. As soon as Ron's love interest starts to question him, he just gives his view and they walk off. And then after the explosion, they're happy again. What. At the initial rally with the black activist it seemed like a genuine internal moral conflict would start to brew, with the way the scene was paced and the great acting from Corey Hawkins. But nope, nothing was jeopardized; nothing happened. Every single time something seems to go wrong everyone just walks it off. The lack of character development was just plain annoying.

The pacing was just awful as well. When the car with the klansmen was driving to the house near the end, there was no change in music, or even camera angles. They give you this enormous build-up with the whole meeting with David Duke and the seemingly botched plan, but it only ends up with an explosion that solves the whole problem. No sense of suspense or intensity at all, even though there was a bloody bomb involved. The scene was saved when the police mistook Ron for a rapist, but again, the scene was too slow and there was no atmosphere. What I thought was the climax with the old man's story once again didn't end with anything. I feel like this film was just taking the piss out of my expectations and robbing me of any enjoyment.

And yeah, I did expect a stylish, fast-paced Tarantino-esque flick. But that's not even the issue. Everything is SO in-your-face, there's no interpretation left to the viewer, no hidden message or symbolism. The dialogue just straight up tells the audience what's going on. No sense of mystery, suspense or viewer involvement.

And then the last part with the current footage was just milking it. Maybe it's because I don't live in the US. but it was just such an awkward watch, especially the flag bit. I'm surprised that was really the only violent part of the film.

I think more people are too concerned with the message (which is of course legitimate and current), that they forget about actually being entertained. Before you accuse me of being racist, I myself am coloured and I ENJOY watching these types of films. This was just poor. There are much better movies out there.
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One of my favorites of the year
neo-5056010 August 2018
I just left the theater and feel obligated to write my first IMDB review. This film is very well balanced, it easily switches between serious and funny moments. The plot, dialog and acting all come together to make a cohesive movie. I was very impressed with the main character's acting, at the time I did not know it was Denzel Washington's son. This film has substance yet was hilarious as well, it understands that a serious subject matter can also be entertaining at the same time.
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Changing major facts for no reason
TheOneThatYouWanted3 November 2018
We are living in extremely polarizing times when it comes to race relations. This film is based on a true story about a white man and black man working together to tackle a hate group, and that would have sent such a powerful message. Instead, the white guy's race was changed. And as a fan of the original book, I'm just left scratching my head. And it helps to nullify the dynamic between a white and black person working together; in other words it explains why the first two thirds of the film seems a little boring and almost like filler.
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Can I put bad review and not be labeled as racist?
kasparslabais27 August 2018

But seriously can I put bad review and not be labeled as racist? FIRST! I did like acting power from most of the cast (really good job), it was filmed in appealing style, and it had its funny moments.

So why 5 stars?

1. Biggest reason is how this movie was adverted. I went to cinema with absolute different vibe and expectations and because of that I could not enjoy movie right after 15-20 min when I felt it isn't what it tried to sell me. 2. Movie did not bring anything new to the table. It has solid (really good) acting, but it seemed like I'm watching cut-scenes from different movies and put together. 3. It has bad mix between comedy and serious parts. Maybe jokes are too rare or to plain, but it makes you struggle to understand what was directors intentions? 4. End scenes (this is kinda spoiler, so will not say what was in it) felt really biased and ruined last bits of movie, because it felt too much out of place. It made me feel like all what trailers wanted is me to spend my money and see end scenes of directors views.

I don't mind more political movies, but I felt tricked and movie itself wasn't that good.

I don't want to spoil movie, so I would have more to say, but then it goes in discussion of certain scenes.
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Brilliant, Sad, Scary and Funny
kmeditions10 August 2018
This movie really took me by surprise; not so much Spike Lee fan- the dialogue in this movie is often times so shocking that it was jarring. The texture captures perfectly the 70's vibe and shows a side of America that has been long hidden. The story is compelling, and it does what great movies do- they linger with you long after they're over and make you think and rethink what you saw. As Spike Lee said "Don't be afraid to laugh"
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Let down by pacing issues
gem45616 August 2018
This story is a brilliant story to tell! The cast is a fantastic cast! Washington is perfectly cast, Driver is in his element, Grace is a diamond in a gold mine. Spike Lee is the person that should be telling this story, but the movie suffers from pacing issues. The comedy it relies on is scattered sparsely. I found myself tuning out in moments and not wondering what I missed
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Right on time
Naulinauli28 October 2018
I felt two things were clear with this movie - to me.

1. It should have been even more brutal and honest with how far the KKK goes and has throughout their history. In the movie I got the feeling like 99% of what the people in the "Organisation" are saying is "just talk", when they have a history of taking action in horrific ways. (Not saying that it completely lacks on that part or that their words are harmless.) They did far more than cross burning.

2. It is a must see released right on time. It is a subject that needs to be deeply dug into, over and over again, until all the dirt of the past and present is showed in the light for what it truly is.
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A Powerful Message that Gets Unfortunately Forced on the Audience
ThomasDrufke26 August 2018
Spike Lee's films have never really resonated with me for whatever reason. BlacKkKlansman is a fascinating story with an average execution at best. Lee brings some solid performances out of Adam Driver and John David Washington, but I'm not sure those characters are fleshed out as much as they should be. But my problem doesn't come with the actors or story per say, but more so with the message that is shoved down your throat. The very beginning and end of this movie present a particular message that is prevalent throughout the film on its own, without the book end scenes. It's a powerful message and reminder for our country, which is still going through its own version of the racism shown in the movie. Perhaps more subtle directing and a better 3rd act would have given this a higher score.

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Great story, last 30 minutes POWERFUL
tedlyles-8507011 August 2018
I'll keep this short, it's a great movie that reminds us that nothing much has changed in the good old USA when it comes to race and relations. Spike and crew did a fabulous job bringing the story home and the up to date ending should be felt by any decent human being.
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Racists are ruining the IMDb rating. Great movie.
Louis_Bacon9 August 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Do NOT believe the current rating if it's anything under 7.5.

Movie is great, amazing performances by John David Washington and Adam Driver. Directing is reminiscent of blacksploitation movies of the 70's, which is finally getting its rightful hommage. Script is has hilarious has the premise of the real story is, though the darker tones are never shadowed by the comedy.

The harder part to watch is the final scene which, after spending a whole movie showing us a man trying to take down racism, presents us with current events in the U.S., proving us that we haven't made any progress as a society.

It's scary, funny, poignant and a must-see, one of the best movies of the year.
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Sadly over-the-top
DrD327 October 2018
Spike Lee must be cash-strapped to make a movie these days as he obviously had to pander to certain elements to get this farcical adaptation onto the screen. The over-the-top representation of the differing elements in the story made it farcical and unfortunately laughable; whereas a more serious approach to the issues and the people involved would have made viewing this film more legitimate and a reasonable approach to a troubled history.
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A provocative and necessary art piece
mikaeelrampartap11 August 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Blackkklansman is nowhere near perfect, but as a cohesive film from beginning to end, the parallels and timeliness of what was presented is a very important and relevant reflection of the past and how it's still churning the never ending conflict in the future.

Spike Lee comes back with his signature style almost immersing us back into the late 70s without ever taking himself too seriously, the characters were well defined and while maybe a hint over the top, provided a great sense of realism with believeable dialogue. The two most protruding ideas(?) between characters in the film was the conflict of Ron pursing the interest for his people as a cop, and Adam Drivers character overburdened with the role of a white supremacist after all his life never being exposed to that mindset. They were very subtle, but a reminder of how urgent and relevant the conflict of civil rights still was after MLKs death.

The ending was the main point I think Lee tried to convey, how the conflict of race and white supremacy is showing signs of lagging progress almost 40 years later. It's here to make you think and reflect about the hardships and literal fighting people still have to endure, and the lives continually being taken because of the ideals white supremacy and ignorance grasp many Americans.
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Lee back on form
fishwickjohn2331 August 2018
Its tough film but its worth it if you stick with it all the way through.
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Cineanalyst29 August 2018
Spike Lee has an engaging dramatic-license-taken, based-on-a-true-story with "BlacKkKlansman," of an undercover operation led by a black police officer to infiltrate the Ku Klux Klan, and it's ripe for making into a subtle critique of the current Trump presidency and continued violence, including by law enforcement, against African Americans, but subtle Lee is not and, instead, the blunt polemic is hammered into our heads. There's also a nice concurrent theme concerning the mainstream Hollywood white-supremacist epics "The Birth of a Nation" (1915) and "Gone with the Wind" (1939) contrasted with early-1970s blaxploitation films, of which Lee's film aptly borrows much of its style.

I thought "The Post" (2017) was too obvious in its paralleling a Nixon-era narrative with current events, but "BlacKkKlansman" could've benefited from even that level of understatedness. On one hand, the opening sequence is rather good at connecting all of the threads, with clips from the aforementioned 1915 and 1939 films being projected during the making of Klan propaganda-- the hate speech being delivered by none other than "Saturday Night Live" Trump impersonator Alec Baldwin. But, then, the film continues to make certain no member of the audience is left behind in understanding the message. There's the joke that America would never elect a David Duke type, although that was the only part of this rather satirically-approached picture that received a laugh from the audience I was in. The historical events are pushed back to coincide with Nixon's 1972 Southern strategy. And, finally, there's the epilogue of real footage from the 2017 Charlottesville protests and car attack and President Trump's much-criticized remarks thereafter. It's too much.

The cinematic allusions aren't exactly subtle, either, but I think they're sometimes executed better. Although there's a conversation between the lovers debating their favorite blaxploitation flicks, this film also incorporates the genre into its style, including by actually being a film photographed on film. I especially like the brief disco scene, which is energetically compiled. I haven't seen much blaxploitation fare, but of the ones I've seen, they tend to include musical nightclub interruptions to the plot. They also contain scenes where the characters debate opposing sides of the approaches of African Americans to white-dominated America, whether to fight injustices from outside or to reform from within, especially regarding law enforcement. This one does the same thing, including one man becoming a city's first black cop, who, then, poses as white to expose the Klan and another cop, who's Jewish, "passing" in predominantly-Christian white America and acting anti-Semitic to infiltrate the same Organization. Similarly, they earlier go undercover at a Black Panther speech by Stokely Carmichael.

Unfortunately, Lee's anti-racist polemic can't entirely escape the kind of filmic rhetoric that has underpinned so much of Hollywood cinema all the way back to the racist pomposity of "The Birth of a Nation." Just as in the film, the black student union's "black power" slogan forms a sound bridge with the "white power" chant of the Klan. While surely not hoping for the sort of hooting and hollering of the Klansmen at the racist caricatures of white actors in blackface of the screening of the 1915 film within this film, it may be expected that supporters cheer the message of "BlacKkKlansman" just as audiences once roared for the KKK racing to the rescue in the climax of its predecessor. More interesting and likely more successfully than whether this affects the political and racial issues in America is whether Lee has changed the course from within of the white-dominated movie business. It's the Organization he's been infiltrating for some time now.
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BlacKkKlansman doesn't hold back addressing the current political/racial climate.
TheMovieDiorama28 August 2018
Truth be told, I've not been looking forward to reviewing this. Much like Spike Lee, I have much to say regarding the apparent racial clash in America's modern-like society that feels more archaic than ever. However, I shall be discarding my political views from this review and strictly taking the time to critique Lee's boisterously powerful drama. Chronicling the true story of a black detective infiltrating the Ku Klux Klan to prevent any attacks that may result in a race war. An absolutely fascinating case that metaphorically represents a variety of multi-dimensional themes. A black individual joining an all-white clan, without them identifying him, shows that all races are able to integrate and reside peacefully in cohabitation. We are all law-abiding citizens. We are all integral components in society. We are all the same, regardless of skin colour. The KKK contrasts with former Black Panther Party members in the method they choose to rally up support. The former are likened to a terrorist organisation where actions speak louder than words, whereas the latter utilise the power of words to incite their followers, not to provoke them, but to motivate them in expressing themselves for a revolution. That's not a biased representation from Lee, it's fact. This is not a subtle depiction of a minority dealing with the remaining racists of society. This is a message. A message of power, liberation and revolution. The several screenwriters, including Lee, remove all expletive barriers. Nearly every offensive, racial and derogatory word is embedded within the sharp screenplay. It irrefutably has bite, and immediately absorbs you into the visceral environment of 70s America. Illustrating the racial ideology of white supremacism for both political and socioeconomic systems against a contemptuous backdrop. It's provocative, making your inner activism rise as the narrative progresses.

Fortunately, the script's focus is still on the plot, and it remains enthralling throughout. Balancing astute contemporary humour with uncompromising speeches where we cling onto every spoken word, witnessing Lee's illustrious perspective on black power through the medium of film. I'm not overtly familiar with his filmography, but there is no denying that his ability to address important issues without conforming to melodrama is nothing short of genius. His precise directing allows the cast to integrate themselves as part of the story. Washington portraying naivety through sarcastic wit and energetic bodily movements enabled him to be a likeable character amongst a sea of societal regression. But, yet again, Driver steals the screen. His acting is effortless and still remains one of the most credible actors working today. His comedic timing, calm demeanour and emotional conviction all amalgamate to create an authentic character portrayal. There is no denying that this is a timely film that is more important than ever given current situations, which are highlighted in the final five minute sequence. Yet, I do have some issues.

Regardless of my political and social views, I find injecting one's opinion into a film so forcibly, considering the basis of the film is the depiction of a true story, to be distasteful. Understandably, Lee utilises the case to compare the similarities of today's society with that of 70s America. But in doing so, the consistent sly remarks against the Trump administration tainted the tone of the film and instead started to become a personal attack. It is a personal statement, I get that. And Lee clearly wanted to share his viewpoint with the rest of the world. It just needed less lambaste in order to maintain the professionalism that was nested throughout the rest of the film. It didn't help that those particular scenes were embedded within the clunky narrative, furthering its own dispensability. However, the unique prowess of BlacKkKlansman should not go unnoticed. Both important and entertaining, Spike Lee is back on top form, and he has something to say.
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the way it is crafted out..
merelyaninnuendo7 September 2018

BlacKkKlansman is a character driven thriller drama depicting the dark times that striked upon American Civil Rights which was steeped by an organization named Ku Klax Klan.

Fortunately, for the makers the taboo subject analyzed in here hits the required note upon the current political situation. The vision of the writers is ahead of its time and with a jagged script like such, they don't flinch on visiting newer territories. Despite of meddling with such a fragile concept, the feature is surprisingly hilarious with tiny notions of the theories and references of cinema and music of 70's that is imputed smoothly.

The usual chain terminology in your typical Police Headquarters is depicted aptly with a light environment among the office employees in order to bridge their bonding with concrete material. The husbandry gags kicks in especially when Driver learns to adapt the dialect and tone of Washington with some tricks and tactics that draws in most of the laughs. Ticking for more than two hours, the screenplay is tightly packed in two halfs. The first one is how Driver spears into their world of habitual controversies and "be part of the gang". While the other half is basically nail-biting "close calls" where Lee's directorial experience and finesse factors in effectively.

The writing is elaborative with bold and inedible substance that aren't minced in words and if anything the emotions iterated by them is pure rage, to a point where audience may easily cringe on the seat to the "whiteness" of reality. Lee's tale is of Mob mentality that he speaks in volume through metaphorical terms foliated in long monologues and speeches that are exhilarating as much as layered. The political narrative is never opinionated since it explores both the side of the coin and tosses in front of the viewer to calculate upon.

The music plays a vital role in Lee's latest project, the background score is appealing with up beating and heart breaking songs that elevates the momentum of the sequence. Washington's character is under sheer pressure at most of the time as it fights on both the aspects of the issues depicted in here but his portrayal is sculpted with such panache that it makes you groove when he hits someone or scores in an argument or even moves his legs in clubs. While his better half on screen, Driver recieves a bit more intense role (he still gets few laughs now and then with his partners) as he plays more on the field than behind the desk.

Jasper Paakkonen gets a stand out moment and is probably Lee's finest Trump card, for he is not only the threat to everyone in the feature but he gets equally wider range as the protagonist does. Harrier, Grace and Burke holds on to their roles tightly and delivers a decent performance. As mentioned earlier, Lee is no short on execution and is probably his best work of his career as he has evolved naturally on delivering a compelling storytelling. The gripping screenplay, debates hidden under ideology and conversations and Washington and Driver's on screen chemistry are the high points of the feature.

BlacKkKlansman is the finest entries on Cannes festival this year and is a competitive contender to the Golden Trophy and not because of its questions raised in here for the current society but the way it is crafted out.
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I keep hearing funny and black commedy, yet only one guy laughed in the entire cinema...
antongavrikov898 September 2018
I honestly don't understand where this movie got all these 95% reviews from, but that's what led me into the cinema with friends tonight, we were supposed to watch a black comedy.... in the whole cinema, only ONE GUY LAUGHED, while rest of the people (black too) just sat in silence and confusion, for over 2 hours... If i wanted to watch a heavy political brain-trashing wash up, i would put on CNN or Fox, UNACCEPTABLE rubbish!!!
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